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Michael Wynn Ostrowski 24th January 2022
mapsplat mass photo mapping
Mapsplat is a browser-based mass photo mapping program for appraisers or anyone.

Mapsplat is the perfect app for your office staff or assistant. If you have a team of employees helping type appraisal reports, this will help you. A typical appraiser who has a busy day of inspections can have over 1000 photos. This is a tremendous amount of data that can take hours to place into appraisal reports.
Mapsplat allows your team to copy one or your entire inspection of photos to have them all mapped at their exact location taken. Then your staff can segment out each property inspection and place the images in your reports record time.

We knew this massive amount of data could not travel to our servers. One, we don't want your data, and you can keep it private—two, the massive cost on our end to process this data. Our solution was to make a browser-based application: your computer and internet-only limit Map splat. Mapsplat data is processed on your browser with your computer. Since we do not take or process your data, it is entirely secure on your machine. Due to these technological achievements, we can offer you these services for no charge. Check it out and drop a spat. www.mapsplat.com

Michael Wynn Ostrowski 24th January 2022